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Team Development & Collaborative Working


Having an effective team is essential for business success. Sometimes teams need a helping hand to work well together or you may wish to explore how effective your team is and how to get the best from each individual and their collective skills.


Whether it is exploring vision and values, using Belbin Team Roles or MBTI Myers Briggs to enable individuals to understand themselves and each other and work better together, to providing feedback on how the team complete activities together, we can help.

Collaborative Working


Whether you are working in collaboration in order to win work through or have secured a contract and are now working collaboratively on the project, we can help you to work more effectively together. We can help those working collaboratively understand each other better and appreciate what everyone brings to the project. We can help the team identify what they want to achieve and what they need to get there and should there be conflict along the way we can help people understand the different ways to deal with conflict and when each should be used.


So, if you are in a collaborative working environment and looking for ways to improve how you work together in order to achieve greater success or perhaps you are experiencing a few challenges, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Team Development Days


We can help individuals in your team have a better understanding of the contribution they make to the team. We can help you and your team have a better understanding of the different individuals who make up the team and of how the team operates as a whole. Armed with this information we can work with you and your team to improve your team's relationships and performance by designing and delivering a bespoke Team Development Day to meet your requirements.


Whether you want a quiet, reflective and insightful day or an active, fun and explorative day, we can help.


Belbin Team Roles

We are Belbin Team-Role Accredited and delighted to be able to offer Belbin Team-Role Profiles as part of our Team and Collaborative Working Development activities.


Belbin Team Role Profiles

Belbin Team Role Profiles offer individuals and teams valuable insights into the variety of contributions required to make an effective team. Understanding the team roles helps individuals recognise that everyone has a valuable contribution to make and distinguishes between allowable weaknesses that can be a natural downside of providing a team role contribution and non-allowable weaknesses which individuals should seek to avoid.


Completing a Belbin Team Role Profile gives an individual an insight into what they contribute to their team and how to ensure it is the best contribution it can be. We use the Belbin Team Role Profiles to provide feedback and coaching to help individuals make the best team contribution they can and to help teams understand the impact of the combination of profiles they have, to be aware of how this can influence their behaviour and to help them change and achieve better performance.

MBTI Myers Briggs

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, also known as MBTI, is an instrument for measuring a person’s preferences.


The Basic Model

In her studies of people and extensive reading of Jung's theories, Myers concluded there were four primary ways people differed from one another. She labelled these differences "preferences" - drawing a similarity to "hand preferences" to illustrate that although we all use both of our hands, most of us have a preference for one over the other and "it" takes the lead in many of the activities in which we use our hands. The MBTI tool uses four basic scales with opposite poles.


The four scales are:


(1) extraversion/introversion


(2) sensate/intuitive


(3) thinking/feeling


(4) judging/perceiving.

How MBTI Myers Briggs Helps Team and Individual Development

Differences in these mental preferences lead to quite different value structures and communication styles, which can hamper mutual understanding and cooperation. MBTI is a very practical tool which can help individuals understand each other better and can improve working relationships, team working, communication and the ability to successfully influence others.


Understanding the different MBTI Myers Briggs types in their team can help managers to communicate more effectively with their team, improve team working relationships and ensure each individual's needs are met.



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