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Personal Development

At CRG Training and Consultancy, we believe that self awareness and self development is the cornerstone for personal and organisational success.


We have a talent for working with individuals either as part of a management development programme or as part of their personal development; getting to the heart of who they are and clarifying their thinking on their development and potential.


We use coaching, tools and feedback to place a mirror in front of those we work with and through a dynamic combination of challenge and support build robust self understanding.


Whether you are an individual seeking some coaching or a large organisation seeking a company wide programme, we can work with you.


By using selected tools and robust coaching conversations we work with individuals to get to the heart of who they are and why they do what they do. By taking an individual back to their core, they gain great depth of understanding of themselves and make robust choices for their future.


By exploring what makes a team and its individual players, we help teams to understand themselves and what each individual contributes to a team, how to appreciate and gather others' contributions and work dynamically together to draw on their collective strengths to be successful.


Effective personal development is essential for organisations. Individuals and teams who lack self awareness often impact on those around them. This can result in lower performance for the business and a less enhanced experience for customers. Building self awareness and developing personal skills leads to better business. We will work with your organisation on the personal development required for business success.


Tools include:


360 Feedback.

We can utilise any existing 360 tool you have or help you develop one which you or we can administer.


Belbin Team Role Profile

A Belbin Team Role Profile gives an individual an insight into what they contribute to their team and how to ensure it is the best contribution that can be made. We use the Belbin Team Role Profiles to provide feedback and coaching to help individuals make the best team contribution they can and to help teams understand the impact of the combination of profiles they have, to be aware of how this can influence their behaviour and to help them change and achieve better performance.


MBTI Myers Briggs

MBTI is a very practical tool which can help individuals understand each other better and can improve working relationships, team working, communication and the ability to successfully influence others. Your MBTI type is discovered through the completion of a questionnaire and a one to one session to discuss your preferences. 


JoHari Window

The JoHari Window was created by and named after Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the USA in 1955. It is used to help people better understand themselves and their relationship with others. Completing the questionnaire provides the individual with a window of four panes which represent the following:


Open Area - what is known to the indivdiual and to others

Blind Area - what is unknown to the individual yet known to others

Hidden Area - what is known to the individual and unknown to others

Unknown Area - what is unknown to the individual and others


Drivers Questionnaire

Drivers are unconscious internal pressures we all have which make us do things in a certain way, such as quickly or with precision. Completing the Drivers Questionnaire enables us to discover our own unconscious drivers and understand how these can help or hinder us in what we do.

The five drivers are:

Be Perfect

Hurry Up

Please People

Be Strong

Try Hard


Influencing Skills

Influencing others is a key interpersonal skill. Learning different tools, techniques and methods of influencing others enables us to influence different people in different situations.


Leadership Profiles such as Theory X/Y and 6 Leadership Styles.

Douglas McGregor is one of the forefathers of management theory and developed the Theory X and Theory Y Management Styles based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. McGregor suggested that either style could be used to manage and motivate employees, although better results would be gained through a Theory Y style. Completing the Theory X/Y Questionnaire can determine your dominant management style and approach and through your employees completing a complementary questionnaire you can see where you are meeting the needs of your employees and where your style can be developed.


The 6 Leadership Styles were developed by Daniel Goleman who is also credited with bringing Emotional Intelligence into mainstream thinking. The 6 styles are based on his work in Emotional Intelligence. Completing the 6 Leadership Styles Questionnaire enables you to discover what leadership styles you currently use most and which you may wish to develop for the future.


EQI Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence looks at the emotional, social and survival elements of intelligence which relate to the following areas:

  1. Understanding ourselves and others
  2. Relating to other people
  3. Adapting to and coping with our immediate surroundings
  4. How we apply ourselves to our immediate situation

Emotional intelligence increases our ability to be more successful in dealing with the demands of our environment. It is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge from your emotions and the emotions of others. You can use the information about what you're feeling to help you make effective decisions about what to say or do (or not say or do) next. We use the elements that make up EQ every day. We experience emotions every day and we deal with situations, circumstances and people everyday for which EQ is essential.



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