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Management Development


At CRG Training and Consultancy, we believe that managers are often those with the biggest influence over the people and task aspects of an organisation.


From supervisors to senior managers, CRG Training and Consultancy can design and deliver a training programme to develop the leadership capability you need.

Managers of the Future


We will work with you to help you identify your future generation of managers or work with your existing talent management strategy. We will design events and utilise tools to assess your talent, establishing strengths and development needs.



Once your talent pool is created we will provide development solutions to enable your future generation of managers to fulfil their potential and take up their first management role. We have a wide range of 1:1 and group development methods that can be tailored for your requirements.



We will provide your future generation of managers with career support and continued development opportunities to enable them to move onwards and upwards. We will also help you establish plans to enable your talent to gather all the skills and experience they will need to reach the heights you envisage for them.


Often people become supervisors because they are good at a technical job. They need support in making the transition from team member to supervisor. They may need new skills to help them manage people who used to be their peers and colleagues. They may need to understand how they can move away from doing the day job to delegating and coaching others. They need to build on existing strengths and gain new skills.


Supervisor Training Course

Our award winning supervisor training covers the key skills required and can be tailored to include other skills your supervisors need.


Key Skills Covered in Supervisor Training:

Managing for the First Time


People Management

Dealing with Difficult People




Please view our sample Supervisor Training Workshop Overview below which will provide a taster of what a Supervisor Training workshop can include along with a selection of the feedback we have received from the clients and delegates for whom we have delivered Supervisor Training. We can design and deliver a Supervisor Training programme to meet your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Supervisor Training Workshop Overview and Customer Feedback
Supervisor Training Information 2012.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [406.5 KB]

Line Managers

Line Managers have enormous influence over people engagement and performance. Their skill set is crucial for business success. Our line management development covers key core elements as well as meeting specific skills relevant to your business requirements, vision and values.

We can design a bespoke Management Development workshop or programme to meet your business needs or you may wish to browse some of the example courses and programmes for inspiration or read some of our case studies by clicking here.

Sample Course:

Management Communication Workshop


Whether you are new to management or more established in the role and looking to review and refresh the communication you have with your team, this coures offers tools and techniques to help managers communicate effectively and achieve better team performance.


Workshop Content:


The workshop looks at:

  • The roles and responsibilities of a manager
  • Management Communication 
  • How to Give Great Feedback 
  • Performance Management


Delegates have the chance to practise their skills on the workshop and also receive five ezines over the five months after the workshop aimed at new managers.


If you like the look of this workshop, contact us to discuss delivering it for your business. Alternatively contact us to discuss designing a tailor made management workshop or programme just for your business.


To read more about this course, please click on the Management Communication Workshop Overview below:

Management Communication Workshop
Management Communication Workshop
Management Communication Course Flyer.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [577.6 KB]

Middle and Senior Managers

Middle and senior managers provide the bridge between corporate messages and organisational delivery. They need to be proactive and on message. Our management development provides appropriate self discovery, challenge and support alongside key skills development. Commission your own bespoke programme, browse some of our example courses for inspiration or read some of our case studies here.

Sample Course:  

Core Management Skills Programme


Management Development programmes help business develop and grow their existing and potential managers and provide them with the key skills and behaviours the individuals and business need to success. At CRG Training and Consultancy we love working with organisations to build the Management Development Programmes that will lead to individuial and business success.


Below are the details of one such programme we designed for one of our clients:


Sample Course:    Core Management Skills Programme

The programme is delivered over 12-14 months.

Programme Structure and Content:

360 Feeback:          The Programme starts with each individual receiving 360 feedback

                                 We designed the 360 for the client based on their company values

Workshop 1:            SELF: A workshop focusing on self analysis and development

Workshop 2:            TEAM: A workshop focusing on developing a successful team

Workshop 3:            CUSTOMER:  A workshop focusing on delivering for the customer

Workshop 4:             PROCESS:  A workshop focusing on process improvement techniques

Business Projects:  The delegates form teams to work on business improvement projects

Workshop 5:             CHANGE:  A workshop focusing on how to deliver successful change

Business Projects:  The teams continue to work on the business projects

Results Day:              Presentations on Project and Programme Successes

Post 360s:                 The 360 feedback process is repeated.


Managers as Coaches

Coaching is a fantastic skill for managers to have and be able to use with their people. When done well coaching helps people to think for themselves,  consider available options and make more informed and accurate decisions.


Developing coaching skills can be a way of helping the business grow and share knowledge and skills as well.


Below are the details of a coaching programme we designed and delivered for a client. This can be delivered to all managers or used as a 'train the trainer' approach if you have suitably skilled individuals who can then roll out the training internally.


Coaching Skills Programme

Programme aims and content:

Know what coaching is, what it can be used for and what the benefits are.

EXplore the level of support and challenge required in coaching to achieve learning and development.

Know the key skills required for successful coaching and each potential coaches strengths and development needs in these.

Be able to use a coaching model, such as GROW

Build a bank of questions to use within the coaching model

Be able to effectively reflect and self evaluate own coaching ability to facilitate personal development in coaching skills.

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