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CRG Training and Consultancy design and deliver professional, high impact training programmes that are engaging, memorable and focussed on delivering long term results.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations across the UK to develop self awareness and build key skills.


Our expertise lies in getting to the heart of your development needs and providing a learning experience that delivers exceptional personal and business results.


Our training solutions embrace the full range of interpersonal skills as well as leadership, management and talent development.


We offer 4 areas of expertise:

  1. Team Development and Collaborative Working
  2. Customer Service Skills and Shared Services Skills
  3. Management Development
  4. Personal Development


Please explore our website further to discover more about our services and the way we work with our clients


Below is a list of some of the training we have designed and delivered for our clients. Although not exhaustive, it provides a taste of the range we offer. Our approach is to tailor a solution to our client's requirements, so if you do not see exactly what you need, please get in touch with us and we'll discuss how we can help.

Tools and Topics:


360 Feedback and Coaching.
360 feedback is a powerful tool that we use for 1:1 coaching or as part of a development programme. We can work with any existing 360 tool you have or help you develop one.

Appraisal Skills
Being able to deliver an effective appraisal is a key management skill. Working with your existing appraisal system, or helping you develop one, we can train your managers in the skills they need to appraise your employees effectively.


Belbin 1:1 Coaching and Team Working
Being Belbin Team Roles accredited we use this tool when working with individuals and teams to enhance self awareness of strengths and development areas, aid team construction and build cohesive high performing teams.

CRG have provided coaching to all levels of employee, from front line staff to directors. Coaching can be combined with a psychometric tool such as EQI, Belbin Team Roles or MBTI Myers Briggs and also with a 360 feedback report. Contact us to discuss how these combinations can work together to meet your needs.


Coaching Skills Training
Coaching can help underpin training and enable people to pass on their own knowledge and skills. It assists people in developing their own skills and abilities. We can train your people to be great coaches to enhance the learning that goes on in your organisation and improve business performance.


Collaborative Working

Being able to work collaboratively is crucial for joint ventures, teams and for client relationships. We have enabled individuals, teams, boards, contracts and joint ventures to work more collaboratively by helping them consider what collaborative working means for them, explore where they align and are different in their requirements and approaches and helping to put in place behaviours and ways of thinking that support collaborative working.


We have helped teams to identify their strenghs and development areas and work together to maximise their strengths and demonstrate collaborative working in order to win contracts in competitive tendering processes.


Visit our Project page to read about how we helped one of our clients win a multi million pound contract.

Communication Skills
Being able to communicate effectively is essential. We will provide a training programme based on the communication skills you need in your organisation and can coach individuals 1:1 on their communication skills, targeting key areas.  

We have also designed a Management Communication workshop. Click here to find out more about this project. 


Dealing with conflict is a skill that is widely drawn upon. Being able to effectively converse with those who have a differing opinion and deal with the different ways people approach conflict are valuable skills. We use the Thomas Kilmann model to explore the five different ways people approach conflict and tools and techniques to deal effectively with each. Providing each delegate with their personal Thomas Kilmann profile helps delegates understand their own preferred approach to conflict and gives tips on how to develop their ability to both utilise and deal with other styles.

Customer Service Training
Harvard Business Review reports that if you can prevent 5% of your customers from leaving you, you can increase your bottom line profit by 25-95%. Even more interesting is their finding that 68% of customers who go elsewhere do so because of poor or indifferent service. 82% go elsewhere because of a customer service issue.


Customer service skills, whether to internal or external customers, are key to a successful business. Our training builds understanding and application of excellent customer service skills. We have developed our own Customer Service Model based on the two key ingredients of excellent customer service.


See our Customer Service page for more information and for ideas on what to include in your customer service training.


EQI Emotional Intelligence Coaching
Salovey and Mayer defined Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) as a form of intelligence '..that involves the ability to monitor one's own and others' feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one's own thoughts and actions'. 


In particular Salovey and Mayer propose that there are four fundamental aspects to Emotional Intelligence:  

  • Recognising emotions
  • Understanding emotions
  • Regulating emotions
  • Using emotions

Emotional Intelligence increases our ability to be more successful in dealing with the demands of our environment. It is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge from your emotions and the emotions of others. You can use the information about what you are feeling to help you make effective decisions about what to say or do (or not say or do) next.


Emotional Intelligence helps people understand why they behave the way they do. Used alone or as part of a development programme it is a powerful tool that builds deep self awareness. We use the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory to measure Emotional Intelligence and explore areas of strength and development.


Management Communication

Our Management Communication workshop helps managers to understand the different communication required for a team to be successful. It enables them to analyse the communication they currently carry out with their team and identify where they can improve their communication in order to achieve greater success with their team. Our Performance Management Model is used to help managers prepare for and conduct those more difficult conversations in order to improve an individual's performance at work or behaviour in the workplace. View this project here.
Management Development Programme
From front line managers to senior managers we build programmes that deliver on the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need for your managers to be successful for your business. See our management development page for more information.

MBTI Myers Briggs 1:1 Development, Coaching and Team Working
Used on its own or as part of a programme it is a powerful tool for self awareness and team dynamics.


Performance Management

We have developed our own Performance Management Model to help managers prepare for and conduct excellent performance management conversations which bring about behavioural change and improve individual and team performance in the workplace. Our model helps managers pinpoint what is happening and why, be specific about what needs to change and then to discuss these successfully with the individual. We can embed our model within a specific Performance Management Course or within a wider Management Communication course (see above) which looks at the communication a manager needs to have with their team in order to achieve success.
Self Discovery Coaching (1:1)
Providing challenging yet supportive feedback we provide coaching that facilitates a learning environment which enables individuals to really get to grips with who they are. See our personal development page for more information.


Self Excellence
This training programme builds self awareness, confidence and assertiveness. It looks at personal impact through building rapport, body language and professional image.


Shared Services
We have experience and expertise in working with companies who are moving to a shared services model. We can help you to move to successful Shared Services by providing training and coaching support. We can help your employees understand the transition required for Shared Services, understand the impact of change and develop specific skills and behaviours that will deliver excellent customer service.


Read about our Shared Services projects by clicking here.

Supervisor Training
Part of our award winning programme, our supervisor training looks at the role and responsibilities of a supervisor or first level manager. It introduces management tools and techniques in 5 key areas; communication, coaching, motivation, people management and dealing with difficult people and situations. See our management development page for more information.


Team Development
Getting a team to work well together produces better business results. Team development can help to accelerate the process, deal with issues or simply help the team get to know each other.

Train the Trainer
Developing your trainers will result in more effective learning taking place. We will observe their current skill set and then provide tailored development to improve their performance to ultimately improve individual, team and business performance.


Transactional Analysis

Understanding transactional analysis and the Parent, Adult, Child model facilitates better communication and understanding of behaviour. Whether you are working in a team, with a client or dealing with customers, understanding and being able to apply these tools will enable you to deal with them more effectively.


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