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The CRG Service.

With a training solution designed specifically to meet your needs by our professional, experienced and award winning partners, our service improves performance, changes behaviour and delivers business success.

Upon contacting us to find a training solution we will do the following:


1.Focus on your Needs

We will work with you to find out what the desired outcomes of the training are, the changes you are seeking to take place and the strategy the training aligns with. It is also important for us to understand the current culture and environment in which you operate. Knowing these elements will assist us with the next stage of the process.


2. Design a Solution

Once we have fully understood your needs we will work on a solution. There may be one clear solution or a range of options. In all cases we seek to fulfil your needs within your budget. Our learning and development solutions are professional, creative and carefully crafted. Designed to engage people and provide memorable learning experiences they also deliver long term results. We will aid transfer of the learning to the workplace to ensure the learning and messages continue long after the training has taken place.


3. The Proposal

We will propose our solution(s) and discuss them with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you are looking for. We will also provide you with details of what we need to ensure success.


4. Delivery

We will deliver a fantastic training event. Our collaborative and encouraging style will instil confidence in your employees to fully participate and explore their skills, behaviours and abilities. We will inspire them to return positive, enthusiastic and empowered to apply what they have learnt to benefit your business.


5. After Sales Service

After we have delivered our training we will provide you with all the information and data we can draw from the training that is relevant to you and your business. With our training knowledge and expertise we are able to feed into any learning and development strategies you may have, such as: in house coaching, talent management, succession planning and development initiatives. We will also work with you to demonstrate return on investment.


We will discuss and agree any ways in which we can continue to support you.

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