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The CRG Experience

At CRG Training and Consultancy, we believe the learning and development experience people have is crucial to the long term impact of the training.


We offer an experience that is creative, innovative and as real for the participants as possible. We develop activities and examples that are based on the real day to day experiences of your people. We look at where else excellence has been achieved in the subjects we are asked to cover and seek to incorporate that experience into our training.


Our training engages people and provides an environment where learning is safe, fun and memorable whilst also creating space for self reflection and analysis. No surprise then that our learning is still talked about long after the lunch has been eaten and forgotten.


We combine accelerated learning techniques with our own unique style to create tailored programmes that deliver real business results.


Looking at the bigger picture we also consider how our training programme integrates into your culture, learning and business strategies. We can then ensure that the feedback we provide adds value to your organisation in as many ways as possible.

Accelerated Learning

In essence CRG Training and Consultancy believe in designing and delivering an effective learning experience which is tailored to our customer's needs and delivers long term results.


Accelerated learning offers some principles and techniques which enhance the effectiveness of the learning experience. It seeks to tap into the ways people learn best to achieve lasting results.

Here is our approach:

The Learner

Our focus is on the outcomes and experience for the learner, in order to achieve the training and business objectives. The learner is emotionally, intellectually and physically involved and engaged throughout with the training being 70% learner led and 30% trainer led.


The learning environment will feel safe for learners to try new things. Learners will work with and learn from each other. Learners will explore concepts, models and ideas for themselves and apply them to their own situations and experiences. The environment and activities will be interesting and stimulating. 


Learning will be offered through different means, methods, experiences and senses all focused on the desired learning outcomes.


The learning will relate back to the learner's real world, using real life examples and experiences with real actions to take away so the learning can be applied immediately.

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