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Project:  Working as a Team

Project:  Working as a Team


The Brief:

Our client had a group of key people from his project team and from the client who were working in a collaborative working environment and had already attended our three workshop programme of:

  • Getting to Know Me
  • Working Together Part 1 & 2


Our client was seeking a further workshop to continue to build the team and their ability to work collaboratively and build their leadership and management skills for the benefit of the project.


The CRG Solution:

We designed a bespoke workshop that took the group through the stages of the Tuckman Team Development Model and helped them recognise what stage the team were at now, The team explored what would be needed to move the team and the wider project team through to the high performing stage. The team identified current issues and where they could help move the team forwards. Each individual received feedback on what they needed to stop doing, start doing and continue doing in order to contribute fully and in the best way to the project team. They then worked in pairs to coach each other on their feedback and create a personal action plan.


Customer Feedback:

Although receiving individual feedback was challenging the attendees valued the opportunity to see how others views of then related to their view of themselves and take time out to reflect on their own personal development needs.



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