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Project: Getting to Know Me and Working Better Together

The Project:    Getting to Know Me and Working Better Together  


The Brief:

Our client wanted an event that would build and strengthen existing team relationships, raise self awareness of strengths and development areas and enable team members to work together in a way that created more effective solutions.


The CRG Training and Consultancy Solution:

We met with our client to discuss their needs. It was critical for the project that the team was able to continue to deliver the project works with minimal disruption. We designed three half day workshops with one group attending in the morning and the second group in the afternoon. We sourced a venue within walking distance so that the two groups could have lunch and handover during the lunch break.


Workshop 1:    Getting to Know Me

We used Belbin Team Roles to explore each individual's preferences within team working, areas of strength, allowable and non-allowable weaknesses and used these to enable delegates to understand their impact on others. We observed the delegates working as a team on an activity to create The Belbin Wheel and provided individual and team feedback.


Workshop 2:    Working Better Together Part 1

We used Drivers, Ego States and Transactional Analysis to enable the delegates to explore and better understand the conversations and interactions they have with others and to find ways to work more effectively together. 


Workshop 3:    Working Better Together Part 2

We used Thomas Kilmann Profiles to explore each delegate's preferred method of dealing with conflict. We explored each of the 5 conflict styles and linked individual's profiles through to their Belbin Team Roles and Drivers. We demonstrated examples of how to deal with behaviours displayed in different conflict styles.


Customer Feedback


'Interesting and thought provoking. Gained a better idea of how a team is built up and where I fit in.'


'Very valuable for the team.'


'Very beneficial and insightful. Relaxed atmosphere, ensuring open forum.'


'Very interesting and good to use for building a strong team.'


'Good value, as it explained very well how everyone within a team behaves.'


'It has brought to my attention others' perception of me and I've had an insight into their natural roles.'


'Very enlightening and thought provoking session which was conducted with enthusiasm and humour which made for a very enjoyable afternoon. Good use of materials and audience participation well managed.'


'Well organised and planned. A good experience. Learnt about strengths and weaknesses and can work on them.'


'Understanding drivers and ego states will be an enormous help in progressing our relationships with our present and future clients as well as our surrounding community.'


'The session was really good. Much more aware of what behaviours I have. I will definitely be more conscious in my interactions of my behaviours and adapt them better.'

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