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Project: Collaborative Working Assessment

Project: Collaborative Working Assessment


The Brief:

Our client was working in a collaborative contract and was seeking to award a contract to a sub contractor. They were looking to select a sub contractor who would fit with their ethos of collaborative working. They wanted to find a way to choose between the contenders for the contract and asked if we could design a way of assessing them.


CRG Solution

We designed a half day assessment which was delivered twice in one day to allow both short listed subcontractors to attend seperately. The client provided three observers to work with us and a team to work with the subcontractors on the activities. We used five activities ranging from one to one negotiations between client team members and the subcontractor team members to team activities involving everyone. Each activity was designed to assess how the subcontractor worked with the client team in a environment that either required collaborative working or in which collaboration was challenged. 


The observers reviewed each assessment workshop with us to share feedback and ratings. The client then took the data from both assessments to inform their decision making for the award of the sub contract.



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