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Collaborative and Team Building Bid Preparation

The Project: Collaborative and Team Building Workshop

Our client was working in a Joint Venture which had been shortlisted for a multi-million point contract. They had been invited to participate in a workshop with their prospective client which would focus on their ability to work collaboratively. During the workshop the team would be assessed against 6 collaborative behaviours. The outcome of the workshop and results of the assessment would be critical to the team winning the contract.


The Brief:

We were approached to design and deliver a workshop that created 'one team' and helped the team prepare for the forthcoming collaborative workshop with the client. We had a week to design the event.


The CRG Training and Consultancy Solution:

We discussed the required event with our client and designed an event to take place over the evening of one day and the following full day. A further session was then arranged for the following Monday morning at the clients request immediatly before the team were due to take part in the workshop with their prospective client.


We used Belbin Team Role Profiles in conjunction with a series of team and collaborative working activities to:

  • Explore each individual's preferences within team working.
  • To look at individual and overall team strengths and to encourage indivduals to play to their strengths for the good of the team.
  • To look at over populated roles and develop ways for the team to manage their contributions.
  • To look at under populated roles and work with individuals who had the roles at a manageable level to contribute these for the team.
  • Give the team and individuals feedback on how they approached and performed activities and demonstrated the competencies the client was seeking.


Customer Feedback and Results:

The Project Director who commissioned and attended the event said:


'Thank you so much firstly for the coaching you gave us and for helping us at short notice. Eveyone I have spoken to since really enjoyed the sessions and took something personal from our time. I know the team felt that the two days preparation bonded the team so they were happier to rely on each other.'


Our client was appointed as one of four suppliers and was awarded two out of the six geographical areas within the programme. The contract is valued at an initial £900m.

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