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April 2016


CRG Ezine:  How to Appreciate All of Your Team


All teams are made of a variety of indiivduals, some of whom make their presence felt in the team more than others.  As a manager it can be difficult to ensure that all team member receive an equal share of the attention and we tend to give more to those that need it or demand it. This month we have been thinking about the team 'sloggers'. These are the hard working, strong silent types who calmly get the job done. The arrive for work, reliably get the job done and tend to go unoticed. 


The original article on this topic was written by Jenni Russel in The Times and then Belbin wrote an artiicle linking this to the need to appreciate all of the different Belbin Team Roles and what they contribute and not to expect everyone to shout for attention.


In this month's ezine we link the above to the Willing and Able Grid. To read more about appreciating everyone in your team request our free ezine here.



March 2016


CRG Ezine:  Is Commitment the Missing Ingredient?


2016 is well underway and a quarter of the year is nearly gone - how time flies!


This is a good time to look at the goals you set yourself at the start of the year and have an honest reflection on how well you are progressing.


If you are 25% of the way towards achieving them - well done you! You are on track for success.


If you find yourself sighing with disappointment as you find you are already behind schedule then this month's ezine is for you!


In this month's ezine we take a look at commitment and eating an elephant. If this sounds intriguing click here to receive this month's free ezine and to make sure you don't miss out on future editions.

February 2016


CRG Ezine:     What is Your Contribution Part 2


In last months ezine we looked at the first five of ten contributions that can be made to a discussion. How many did you get? If you have been eagerly awaiting the final five to check what is left on your list, then wait no more; this months ezine has the remaining types of contribution. If you are not yet on our mailing list, click here to get your regular copy.

January 2016


CRG Ezine:     What is Your Contribution Part 1?


To get 2016 off to a great start we have dedicated our first two ezines of the year to examining how to make a great contribution. Nearly everything we work on involves discussions with other people. Think about the discussions you have with others and the contribution you make to that discussion. Usually we think of our contribution as putting our thoughts across or listening to others. Did you know there are ten different contributions that can be made to ensure a fruitful discussion? See how many you can list. To find out any you have missed and where you might make a more successful contribution to the discussions you have, request our ezine by clicking here. The first five contributions are covered this month and the final five in February's ezine.

Happy New Year!


We would like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful 2016


With our best wishes

CRG Training and Consultancy

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


With our very best wishes

CRG Training and Consultancy

November 2015


CRG Ezine:     Delegation Part 2


Delegation can operate at a number of levels.  As accountability remains with the person who delegates the task it is important to identify what level of delegation is appropriate for the individual you are delegating to by considering their competency and the complexity and risk associated with the task.

The delegation levels progressively offer, encourage and enable more delegated freedom.

Level 1 is the lowest level of delegated freedom and offers little to no freedom and Level 10 is the highest level where full responsibility for the decision making is handed over.

To read the full details of the 10 levels please click on the link below which will take you to the Business Balls website:

October 2015


CRG Ezine:     Delegating for Success using TRUST ME


Delegating successfully is an incredibly useful management skill to have. The TRUST ME model is one that we have been using regularly to help people delegate effectively. It breaks down each stage of the delegation process and make it easy to delegate well.


TRUST ME Delegation Model











Some people find delegation difficult because:

They fear others will not perform the task as well (Be Perfect)
They feel they should be able to cope with all tasks (Be Strong)
They feel they can carry out the tasks more quickly (Hurry Up)
They fear they will be seen as 'dumping tasks' (Please People) 


It is also important to delegate for the right reasons. Sometimes delegation is unsuccessful because the wrong tasks are delegated. This happens because the person delegating:

Fears the task is too difficult for them.
Wants to avoid responsibility for the tasks.
Has not fully thought through what the task involves
Has not considered if the individual is capable enough.
Has given an unrealistic timescale.


To find out more about the TRUST ME Delegation Model and to receive our regular ezine click here.

September 2015


CRG Ezine:  What is Your Contribution? Part 1


Have you noticed that, in a discussion, most people tend to focus on 'having their say'? Having an effective discussion where good decisions are made requires a much broader range of contributions designed to benefit everyone participating.


We have been looking at the wide range of contributions that can be made to a discussion and the value they bring to a successful outcome.


In this first part we look at:


Getting the Discussion Started

Encouraging Others and Asking Questions

Moving the Discussion On

Contributing to a Discussion

Developing Your Point


Each of the above is a distinct contribution designed to help everyone involved in the discussion rather than just put one view across. Having a more collaborative and inclusive approach to a discussion enables better outcomes to be achieved.


In Part 2 we will look at other forms of contribution. To receive both part one and part two and learn more about how you can best contribute to a discussion click here.



August 2015


CRG Ezine: The Cost of Poor Customer Service


Good customer service scores highly on most customers' lists of priorities according to our research. Whether the customer surveys have been conducted by Harvard Business Review or business owners with their own customers, customer service and the way customers are treated prominently appear. 


A report conducted by Greenfield Online surveyed a total of 514 UK based consumers about the frequency of their interactions with businesses via the web, contact centres and mobile devices. They were also asked to identify the impact of those interactions on their purchasing decisions. The results indicated that businesses lose £15.3bn annual due to the poor customer service received. The results also showed that 73% of consumers ended a relationship due to a poor customer experience.


These results show that everytime we are in contact with a customer we are influencing their buying decisions. To ensure that your customer contact is having the right influence we suggest:


  • Gathering regular customer feedback
  • Focusing on what your customers tell you is important
  • Ensuring your internal customer service is enabling you to deliver excellent external customer service.

To request a copy of the full ezine and all future editions click here.

To read our case studies on how we have helped our customers deliver customer service excellence click here

To contact us to discuss how we can help you deliver customer service excellence click here

April 2015


CRG Ezine - Is Your Feedback Getting Results?


Receiving good feedback helps people develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours and is one of the most powerful and cost and time effective tools we have to do this.


This month we have been looking at three different feedback methods and their benefits and drawbacks. If you woulk like to help people around you develop, request a copy of our April ezine to see how you can use different methods of feedback as a cost and time effective method of development.

January 2015


CRG Ezine - Read All About It!


This month we've been reading about reading! We've also been reading about how the use of digital technology may affect our brains and our reading skills. Although we may 'read' online, often we are scanning the text and picking out key pieces of information rather than immersing ourselves in the text and gaining the full benefits of reading. The interesting discussion currently taking place is if we do more of the former and use more digital technology, what impact does this have on our brains and the skills we have historically gained from reading. In this month's article we look at the benefits of reading and why it's good to continuously read for at least 20 minutes on a regular basis.



A study earlier this year for the Reading Agency found that of the 2000 men and women who took part 46% of men said they were reading fewer books now than they used to with nearly 3/4 prefering a film or adaptation to the book itself and 46% admitting they prefer the internet. Conversely nearly the same amount of women would opt for the book and are more likely to havve bought or borrowed a book in the past year. 


To read all about the benefts of regular reading, request a copy of our ezine here



Happy New Year!


We wish everyone a joyous, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Christine and Rosanne

Happy Christmas!


We wish everyone a very happy, peaceful and restful Christmas.


Christine and Rosanne

October 2014


CRG Ezine - Is Summarising a Lost Skill?


A summary is a 'brief account of the main points of something' according to the Oxford Dictionary.  Therefore summarising is to give a brief account of the main points of something.  This can be done verbally or in writing. 
Summarising offers a range of benefits to all parties.  Have you ever left a meeting and found that everyone has a slightly different understanding of what has been agreed or is to happen?   This is often down to a lack of summarising.  Throughout our working day we have many conversations whether verbally or via email or some other means.  Keeping track of what we have agreed to do or talked about is no mean feat. 

Summarising the conversation or what has been agreed at the end of an exchange of emails, disussion or meeting can help everyone remember the key points and what will happen next.


To find out how to summarise for best effect request a copy of our ezine here

September 2014


CRG Ezine - What Do You Do To Make Your Customers Want To Come Back To You?


The Chartered Institute of Marketing lists various sources and quotes that say that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 4-10 times more than keeping an exisitng customer.  Some sources quote the cost as over 30 times more.

What we can learn from this is that it is vital to do all we can to keep the customers we already have and make them want to keep coming back to us.  If we have the opportunity to acquire a new customer then, particularly in view of the significant investment it represents, we should do all we can to make them want to use us again.  Personal experience shows that many businesses miss the opportunity to do either of these when they deal with exisiting or potential customers.


In this month's ezine we ask some key questions to help you determine whether you are doing all you can to keep your customers coming back.

August 2014 


CRG Ezine - Are the Boundaries Clear?


A workplace boundary exists whenever a person, team or department interface with another person, team or department. The boundary is knowing where you and your responsibilities end and another person, team or department begins. Workplace bounadries are imporatnt because the define the limits and responsibilities of everyone within a business and ensure that everything runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively. In this month's ezine we explore the concept of workplace boundaries and ask the key questions that will determine whether the boundaries are clear in your place of work.


To find out more and receive your copy of our ezine, click here

June 2014


CRG Ezine - Winning or Not Losing?


This month, we take a look at company culture and ask whether yours is one of winning or not losing. It sounds obvious, doesn't it? However if you listen to conversations around you it is interesting how much time is spent talking about what doesn't happen, problems and settling for what we already have and making the best of it. When there is a problem do the people you work with come forward with the problem and a solution they have already thought about or just the problem?


It is essential for any team or business that wants to be successful that they want to achieve and are focused on doing so. Talk needs to move from problems onto solutions and the focus needs to be on what can be done rather than what can't.


To find out more about having a winning mentatility and how to encourage others to have one, sign up for our ezine by clicking here.


May 2014


CRG Ezine - If you have team problems - We may have the solution!


In this months ezine, following our 5th Birthday we look back on some of the wonderful projects we have delivered, including:


Team Development

We have a real expertise in developing individuals and teams. We are able to provide detailed and insightful observations that help people understand what they do and why they do it. We can then help individuals make the best contribution possible to the team and help leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of their team and how to maximise the former and minimise the latter. Being Belbin Team Role Accredited enables us to use this fabulous tool to give greater depth of understanding. The team events we have been involved in have helped teams work better amongst themselves, with their clients and to win contracts. 


Customer Service Excellence

We have delivered many customer service workshops, each tailored to the individual business's requirements and what they want to achieved. Sometimes it was to deal with specific areas of issues, sometimes it was to bring about a shared understanding of customer service excellence and a consistency of approach, sometimes it was to improve skills, performance and customer feedback. In each case we designed and delivered a bespoke programme that delivered results. Thankfully we delighted our customer! 


Management Team

We have worked with various management teams from board level to those new to management, sometimes to help them set vision and values, goals and objectives, sometimes to help them work better with their clients, sometimes to help them evaluate how well they are currently working and to put in place improvement plans, sometimes it has been to develop management skills. 


If you have a problem to solve in your team, department or organisation, contact us on 01508 539908 to discuss how we might be able to help you. 

April 2014


CRG Ezine - Team Development and the Leader's Role


In this month's ezine we continue our 'Team' theme and look at the role the leader plays in the way a team develops and becomes successful.


We examine each stage of the Bruce Tuckman Model:







We then look at the specific role the leader has to play at each stage to help the team develop in the right way.


To read about the Bruce Tuckman Model and the leader's role in team development, click here to obtain your free copy of our ezine.

March 2014


CRG Ezine - The 6 Key Components for Building a High Performing Team


In this month's ezine we identify and explore the 6 key components required to build a high performing team. These are:


  1. A Common Purpose
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Leadership
  4. Effective Processes
  5. Relationships
  6. Communication

To read about these 6 key components, contact us for a copy of our ezine by clicking here.

February 2014


CRG Ezine - What are the indicators of an effective team?


In this month's ezine we look at: 

  1. What teamwork is
  2. The benefits of teamworking
  3. How you know whether a team is effective or not
  4. Evaluating your team 

Next month we will be looking at The 6 Components for Building a High Performing Team. To receive this ezine and all future editions, click here to sign up. 


January 2014


Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2014! We wish you all a very healthy, happy and fulfilling 2014

December 2013


Merry Christmas!


We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas



Collaborative working has really come to the forefront of the way some industries work. In construction in particular collaboration is the way that many companies are now coming together in order to deliver large contracts that require a diverse set of skills. 


We have been working with a number of project teams who have been created from different organisations and are working collaboratively to deliver significant and prestigious contracts. Our remit is often to either help them come together as a team in order to win the work and/or to work more effectively as a team once the contract has been won and the team are in the design or delivery phase. 


If we can help you with collaborative working we'd be delighted to hear from you.

August 2013


CRG Ezine - Increase Efficiency Not Resources


In this month's ezine we look at the key questions to answer when your business and its people get busy to make sure you focus on increasing efficiency before you invest in additional resources.


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July 2013


2nd Quarter 2013


Our CRG model to help managers conduct difficult conversations and deal with performance issues is complete and has been rolled out as part of a Management Communication workshop we have designed and delivered. It received very positive feedback and has since also been used in one to one coaching. We are looking forward to receiving more feedback on successes people have had using it.


We've been using Myers Briggs MBTI and Belbin Team Roles to look at the needs individuals have at work and how managers can fulfil those needs. Within this we have been looking at the use of 'strokes' from Transactional Analysis.


Myers Briggs MBTI has also been useful in exploring how best to communicate with peers, team members and senior managers. We tend to think about the commuinication we like rather than adapting our communication to those on the receiving end. Helping people think about how best their audience would like to be communicated with has been a key theme in recent months.


We have also been helping teams within organisations working in partnership to work more collaboratively with each other and with their client. We've been using Thomas Kilmann Conflict Profiles to look at individual and team preferences and facilitating conversations about how the individuals and team can work more collaboratively together.

July 2013


CRG Ezine  -  7 Secrets of Effective Emails


In this month's ezine we take a look at emails. We send and receive hundreds of emails every day so how do we make sure ours are opened and read? Read our 7 top tips to find out.


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May 2013


CRG Ezine  -  Do you shoot from the lip?


In our May ezine, we explore the difference between pull and push communication styles. We look at the need for a balance of both in a conversation in order to have effective communication. Our ezine explains what an effective and ineffective push and pull style looks and sounds like so that you can see whether you achieve the desired balance between the two.


If you would like to receive this and future ezines, click here.


March 2013


First Quarter 2013


We are delighted to be using a wide range of tools and models in our work so far this year, some of which are discussed below:


Belbin Team Roles to explore strengths and weaknesses and looking at how each of the Team Roles works together to deliver great team performances and what to do when a team is less than perfect and has team roles that are not highly preferred.


Transactional Analysis and the impact our ego states have on the words we use, tone of voice, body language and behaviour. We've been using personal ego grams to show which ego states are used most often and considering what needs to change.


We have been looking at influencing skills and how to influence people who are not like us. We've been using Myers Briggs MBTI to think about differences between people and how to influence those who have a different preference to us. We've also been looking at the concept of 'Being Present' both for the benefit of influencing others and for many other areas such as customer service and management. 'Being Present' features in this month's ezine, see below for more information or contact us to request your copy.


We have also been utilising Thomas Kilmann Conflict Styles; exploring when to use each of the 5 conflict styles to best effect and using individual profiles to look at personal preferences and help individuals and businesses work more collaboratively together.


We've been looking at the general conversations we have with others and how to have better interactions by considering everything from tone of voice to body language to the environment we are in.


We are currently working on a model to help managers deal with more challenging conversations and performance management. Pulling together our previous experience in this topic and adding in some more recent thinking we have had on utlising observation and behavioural change, our model is starting to take shape.


In management we have been looking at how important it is to consider the individual/team and the circumstances and how these dynamics drive the management style and action required. We are also looking at Tuckman's model alongside this.


March 2013


CRG Ezine  -  Are you giving people your full attention?


We take a look at how often we really give people our full attention. A recent article suggests it may be as little as 1% of the time. The rest of the time we drift in and out as our attention wanders. We ask whether we are short changing ourselves and others by not giving our full attention and look at the consequences of giving less than our best.


We then explore the concept of 'Being Present', what it means, what it takes and the rewards of doing so. To find out what 'Being Present' can do for you and your organisation, request this month's ezine by visiting our CRG 4 Free page.

February 2013


CRG Ezine  -  It's a small word, but.


In this month's ezine we take a look at just one small word; but. We explore the impact using the word 'but' has in more depth in our customer service training so decided it was a great topic for this month's ezine. Once you tune into it, it is surprising how often 'but' appears in our everyday language, often having a less than positive effect on our audience.


To find out some more positive alternatives to the word 'but', contact us to receive our regular ezine.

January 2013


Happy New Year


We wish you all a very Happy New Year with our best wishes for a healthy and rewarding 2013.

December 2012


Merry Christmas!


We would like to wish all of our customers and contacts a very Merry Christmas!

November 2012


CRG Ezine  -  What New Managers Need Part 4:  The Game Plan


In the final part of our 'What Managers Need' Series we look at what new managers need to consider in their 'Game Plan'. Every new manager needs a a plan of what they are going to achieve and by when whilst recognising that they are likely to be looking at a very long 'to do' list and need to maintain some sense of work life balance. Our essential guide draws together all of the ideas put forward in our series so far and formulates them into a 'Game Plan' that will deliver success for you, your line manager and your team.

October 2012


CRG Ezine    -    What New Managers Need Part 3:  The Team


In the third part of our 'What Managers Need' series we look at what new managers need to find out about their team. The team is crucial to any manager's success. Getting the team to a high performing level helps the business perform well and enables you, as the manager, to focus on the future rather than on fire fighting and day to day issues. Use our top tips to get your team off to a flying start.


The final part of our series is out next month and will look at how a new manager can create a game plan for success. Don't miss it!


For more information on how we can help you develop a high performing team click here to read our project success stories.

October 2012


Building Design and Construction Magazine


The November issue of Building Design and Consultancy Magazine celebrates Skanska's 125 year anniversary with a major article and company supplement feature. Skanska is one of the world's leading project development and construction groups who we are delighted to have worked with on their joint ventures with Costain. As part of this anniversary feature we will have an advertisement in this edition of Building Design and Construction Magazine, which will be published in October.

September 2012


CRG Ezine    -    What New Managers Need Part 2:  The Boss


As a new manager getting to know your new boss is crucial for success. In this second part of a four part series we look at what every new manager needs to discover about their new boss in order to forge a successful working relationship and deliver the success and outcomes expected.


In the final two editions we take a look at what a new manager needs to find out about their new team and what their game plan for success should look like and include.

August 2012


CRG Ezine   -    What New Managers Need:  The New Manager            


Over a four part series we look at the key areas a new manager needs to get to grips with as they start their career in management and take responsibility for their team. Whether they are new to management or an experienced manager taking on a new team or role at a new employer we examine their key considerations as they take up the reins.


In part one we focus on what a new manager needs to consider for themselves, what they need to know and who they need to get to know in order to be a success.


In our next edition we will take a look at what a new manager needs to consider about their new boss.


CRG Ezine______________________________________June 2012

Find Out What Customers Want Part 2

The second part of our 'Find Out What Customers Want' article looking at 2 further themes derived from the results of the recent Market Force Europe Poll of 5000 people on customer service. More top tips, help and advice to evaluate and improve the customer service in your business.



CRG Ezine______________________________________May 2012


Find Out What Customers Want

Following a recent Market Force Europe Poll of 5000 people on customer service, we take a look at the results and explore the first 2 of four themes that give customers the customer service they really want. Along with a few top tips, we offer some help and advice to evaluate and improve the customer service in your business. Part 2 follows next month.



CRG Ezine______________________________________February 2012


New Year Resolutions

Following the theme of getting 2012 off to a great start we look at how to make the best of New Year Resolutions. By February, for some, those New Year Resolutions will already be gathering dust. We look at how to set SMART goals and acknowledge your own strengths and weaknesses when you set them and put in place tactics to overcome anything that may prevent you achieving what you want.



Get 2012 Off to a Great Start_____________________January 2012

A new year is a great opportunity to review your business and the skills your employees need to make this year the best yet. Do you want to make sure that your managers and employees have the skills you need to deliver the business success you want? Would you like to make sure the customer experience you offer is the best it can be and gets the response you want?


Talk to us! We offer great value training and consultancy that gets results and focuses on what you want to achieve. We can help you review and improve the customer experience  you offer. We can train your managers and employees in the skills you need to deliver great business results.


Contact us now on 01508 539908 for a free, no obligation chat to see how we can help your business achieve greater success.



Happy New Year_______________________________January 2012

Wishing you all the very best for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012.



Merry Christmas_____________________________December 2011

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and our best wishes for the festive period.



CRG Ezine__________________________________November 2011


Why Train People in What They Already Know

This month we look at the benefits of training experienced people. To receive our regular ezine and to hear our latest news, sign up here.



CRG Ezine___________________________________October 2011


It's a small word, but.

As summer draws to a close, we take look in this month's ezine at just one small word; but. We discuss the impact of the use of the word 'but' in our customer service training. Once you tune into it, it is surprising how often it appears in our everyday language, often having a less than positive effect on our audience. To find out some more positive alternatives to the word 'but', contact us for this months newsletter.


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CRG Ezine____________________________________August 2011

Our latest ezine is an Olympic special. As the countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games commences we take a look at two subjects close to the heart of the competition:


Drawing inspiration from the power and influence that a crowd, particularly a home crowd, can have on olympic atheletes' performances, we consider how we can draw on this to encourage higher performance in our own world.



There's a year still to go, yet the countdown and build up to the Olympic Games has begun in earnest. We look at what we can learn from this to build some anticipation for the events we organise or that take place in our organisations.

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CRG Ezine_______________________________________July 2011

CRG's latest ezine has been issued. The articles in this month's edition are:


It's Good to Talk
Using the 'Six Degrees of Separation' experiments as our foundation, we take a look at why it's good to talk to people we meet. If you find talking to new people a challenge, we include some ideas on how to get started and strike up that all important conversation.


'When I get ready to talk to people I spend two thirds of the time thinking about what they want to hear and one third thinking about what I want to say' Abraham Lincoln


What is a Smile Worth
The price of a genuine smile has been calculated by researchers at Bangor University. See if you are as surprised as we were at the value and read our reasons for why we think a smile is worth so much more.


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CRG Ezine_______________________________________May 2011

CRG's latest ezine has been issued. This month's articles are:


How to Be Successful
We share a few key ways to maximise your opportunities and be more successful. You've heard of blowing your own trumpet, take it to another level and read our ideas on how others can blow your trumpet for you.


Great Music to Start Your Day
Find out the best music to get your day off to a good start. We discuss the results of Tropicana's research into music that makes people happy and suggest some ways to make the most of the Top 10 tracks they recommend.


'Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life' Berthold Auerbach


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Star Gazing______________________________________May 2011

The sky at night is an amazing and substantial subject and the Norwich Astronomical Society provided a brief, yet fascinating insight into their area of expertise to a group of approximately 40 local business people at Caistor Hall Hotel on the evening of the 4 May. Drawn by the prospect of being able to view some night sky wonders through telescopes, Rosanne attended the event.

Organised by Chris and Sara of The Best of Norwich, the event was a real crowd pleaser with many attendees eager to get out into the chilly evening, as soon as it was dark enough, to view the night sky through the telescopes. A clear view of Saturn was the reward for braving the cold, as well as stars and constellations that revealed themselves to those who waited.


The event left many attendees wanting to see more and the good news is that the Norwich Astromical Society offer public open evenings which will be starting again in September. Visit their website for more information on this and other events.



CRG Ezine______________________________________ April 2011


Working Together
It's Royal Wedding month and so we are taking a look at partnering and collaborative working. Drawing on the experience of famous film directors we look at what is required to work successfully with others.

Books for the Next Generation
You may have seen or heard about the Orange Prize for Fiction's survey of what books would be passed onto the next generation. We look at what the results reveal and what books we would pass on to those starting out in your profession.



CRG Ezine ______________________________________Mar 2011


Special Feature: Presentation Skills

Are you one of the many people that find giving a presentation a challenge? So many people tell us that they would rather not stand up and present and yet it is a skill that is often expected if you are a manager or business owner. This month's ezine offers two five point plans to help you give better presentations. To ensure you receive your regular CRG ezine visit our CRG4Free page to sign up or click here.


If you are interested in Presentation Skills Training then our 'Presenting with Impact Programme' is for you. Offering the opportunity to work with a real live presentation and giving feedback and coaching we can work with small groups who are giving a presentation together or with individuals who need to present as part of their role. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail on 01508 539908 or at



CRG Blog_______________________________________Mar 2011

We are featuring some of our early articles on our new blog. Catch up with previous articles at:


Business Womans Network_________________________Feb 2011

Rosanne spoke at the February meeting of the Business Woman's Network at Caistor Hall, Caistor St Edmunds. Entitled 'The 2 Secret Ingredients you need for Great Customer Service', the presentation focused on the two aspects of customer service that all businesses need in order to create customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing. The presentation generated great discussion amongst the women business owners present and helped them analyse where they could improve their customer service offering.


To find out more about the Business Woman's Network, visit their website at



CRG Ezine_______________________________________Feb 2011

CRG's latest ezine has been released. This months featured articles are:

What is Customer Service?

Using some recent customer service experiences we explore just what customer service really is and how to get it right.


Sixty Second Feedback

Why is giving and receiving feedback so difficult? Why do we shy away from giving and inviting feedback when it is one of the most valuable tools for personal development? In this feature we look at how great feedback, that is both effective and valued, can be delivered, and in just sixty seconds.


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CRG Ezine_____________________________________  _Jan 2011

CRG's latest ezine has just been released. This months articles are:


How to Make 2011 Your Year.
Our 5 point plan to help you achieve what you want this year.


The Power of Assumptions
Taking inspiration from hit film 'The Kings Speech' we look at why assumptions are made and how we can avoid making them.


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Happy New Year_________________________________Jan 2011

CRG wish all our customers, suppliers and partners a happy and successful 2011. 


Sister Act______________________________________Dec 2010

We have been featured in the business pages of our local newspaper following our recent awards success. Click here to read the article.



CRG Ezine______________________________________Nov 2010

CRG's latest ezine is about to be released. Articles this month are on: 'To Train or not to Train'; which offers 6 key quesions to help you review your training and check whether it is delivering what the business needs and 'Are you in the Zone?' which looks at what employers expect from their employees and explains how to offer a real win-win scenario for you and your employer.


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CRG Ezine______________________________________Oct 2010

CRG's latest ezine has been issued. With features on 'How to Meet your Customers' Expectations' and 'Harnessing the Power of Music Playlist' it offers an insight into the experience customers are looking for when dealing with your organisation and tips on how to achieve it. It also looks at the hidden power of your playlist. Who knew that singing along to your favourite tunes could help beat a cold!

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The 'Best of the Best' at the Training Journal Awards____Sept 2010

CRG Training and Consultancy scooped two prestigious awards at the 2010 Training Journal Awards, in partnership with CCI and Associates and our client, May Gurney, including the TJ Special Achievement Award awarded by the judges to the best entry out of all the individual category winners.

Winning the 'Best Training Partnership' category was the first accolade of the night followed by the honour of being named the 'best of the best' with the 'TJ Special Achievement Award' at the end of a very exhilarating evening.

After meeting with May Gurney to understand their requirements, we partnered with Wendy and Adrian Church of CCI and Associates who are experts in Forum Theatre, to deliver a unique and learner centred training programme. This involved Christine Goose training 24 Supervisors and Lead Advisors in supervisory skills followed by all the employees from the 18 HWRC's across Norfolk attending a highly interactive half day customer care workshop which was delivered on site, whatever the weather.


The training delivered a 68% reduction in complaints and an impressive 800% increase in compliments. Initiatives suggested by employees have benefitted local charities and helped them fulfil their role as Advisors. Recycling rates have also significantly increased.


The Training Journal Awards are a nationally recognised mark of excellence in training and full information on this year's winners can be found by following this link:

Customer Success_______________________________July 2010

Our customer, May Gurney, received an honorary mention in the Best Captive Services Delivery category of the European Shared Services and Outsourcing Excellence Awards. The awards recognise captive and outsourced shared services that demonstrate winning practices and form the industry's benchmark for best practice and business excellence. The entries were judged by a panel of leading industry experts.

CRG are especially delighted for May Gurney, as we worked with them as they launched Shared Services, providing the Customer Service training for all of their Shared Services employees. Having worked closely with them and got to know the team, we feel this award recognises all of their hard work in making Shared Services a success. 

To read about our work with May Gurney Shared Services click here

Awards Finalists________________________________June 2010

Through a collaborative project with CCI and Associates providing customer services and supervisory skills training, we have entered and been confirmed as finalists in the Training Journal Awards 2010. CRG Training and Consultancy and CCI and Associates have been short listed in two categories in the Training Journal Awards:

Best Customer Service

Best Training Partnership

Being shortlisted for one of the awards is now nationally recognised as a mark of excellence in training. We are therefore thrilled to have been acknowledged for the quality of our work with Wendy Church of CCI and Associates by the Training Journal Awards and look forward to the awards ceremony which is being held on the 21st September 2010 in London following the Training Journal's annual conference.



Winning News_________________________________April 2010

Using extracts from our Presenting with Impact Programme we designed a mini masterclass for a team who had got through to the presentation stage of a tender. The great news is that they have subsequently won up to £120m worth of business.


Shared Services Projects

We are working on a further Shared Services Project providing supporting training for those joining this newly formed part of our client's organisation.  

If you are considering or currently setting up Shared Services in your organisation and need support, why not contact us to see how we can help. Click here to make an enquiry.



Ezine Launch_______________________________   March 2010

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Blog Launch_______________________________February 2010

CRG now have a blog. Visit to find out more. Our first entry is all about comfort zones.



Happy New Year____________________________  January 2010

CRG would like to wish all of their clients, colleagues and business partners a healthy, happy and successful 2010.



Seasons Greetings__________________________December 2009

CRG would like to wish all of their clients, colleagues and business partners a very Merry Christmas.



TeamBuilding______________________________November 2009

Christine and Rosanne delivered a team building event working alongside Team Spirit who provided a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities whilst CRG utilised Belbin Team Roles to provide feedback to teams and individuals.


The day which was delivered to 35 senior managers was extremely well received and thankfully the rain held off until the final outdoor activity.



CRG Support Mount Kenya Forest Regeneration        October 2009

On a recent visit to Kenya, Christine and Rosanne spent time walking on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya and learning about the current reforestation projects that are being supported through the Eco Resource Centre situated there.


Reforestation is seen as one way of protecting indiginous tree species and combating climate change.


Kenya is currently suffering a severe drought which has been widely reported in the news. Locals advised that some areas had not seen rain for two years. The impact was evident on the vegetation, people and animals.


In support of the the efforts to improve conditions for future generations, CRG planted a Wild African Olive tree. It will remain in the tree nursery for 12 months to ensure it is well established before being transplanted into the Mount Kenya Forest.

CRG would like to thank the following organisations for making their trip to Kenya such a successful and wonderful experience:


UK Tour Operator:  The Adventure Company

Kenya Agent:         Basecamp Explorer.

A Perfect 10!                                                              October 2009

Christine and Rosanne of CRG Training scored a perfect 10/10 from all 9 delegates on a recent customer services training programme.

Some of the feedback included the following comments:


'Excellent!! Very helpful day.'


'Really enjoyed the atmosphere and relevant advice.'


'Had a brilliant time, learnt a lot, great trainers and appreciate your hard work.'


Visit our Customer Service page to find out more or contact us if you would like to talk about achieving success through great customer service for your business.



Customer Service Training_____________________September 2009

CRG's Customer Service Training is being very well received and has been aligned with the NVQ Level 2 in Customer Services. This has resulted in the possibility of Train to Gain Funding for eligible clients.


Visit our Clients and Projects page to read our clients feedback or visit our Customer Service Page to find out more about the programme.



Website Launch!                                                          __August 2009

Welcome to the CRG Training and Consultancy Website. We welcome you to explore our website and find out all about us.

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