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Welcome to CRG Training and Consultancy

Developing you to where you want to be and beyond


 We are professional and award winning.


We achieve long term results through creative training innovations.


We engage people through memorable learning experiences.


Award winning learning and development specialists, CRG, provide bespoke solutions that deliver business success by developing your people.



How can CRG help you and your business?

CRG Training and Consultancy are learning and development specialists who offer a truly memorable, engaging and results driven tailored training solution for our customers designed to develop them to where they want to be and beyond.


The CRG Service ensures we understand your needs and the climate and culture in which you are operating. We can then design and deliver the right solution for the results you want to achieve. We will help you measure the success of our training and provide evidence for you.


We have a track record of receiving excellent feedback from those who attend our programmes and commendations from the stakeholders who have worked with us on the project. The high quality of our service and the results we have helped our customers achieve led to us winning two prestigious awards at the 2010 Training Journal Awards, including the TJ Special Achievement Award, given to the entry the judges consider the best of all the individual category winners.

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Team and Collaborative Working


We can help you and your business to:


Achieve more through better and more effective team working.


Help team members understand themselves and each other better thus promoting more effective team working.


Help team members understand where they complement each other and where conflict might occur.


Resolve team conflict.


Help new teams get off to the best start and become high performing more quickly.


Collaborative Working


Work collaboratively in order to win work.


Work collaboratively within your teams, joint venture and with your client.

Management Development


We can help you and your business to:


Ensure your managers have the right skills to get the best from your employees and achieve your targets.


Develop your managers in line with the growth of your business.


Develop your manager's management style and skills so they are adaptable to business needs.


Provide your managers with tools and techniques to manage their teams and performance effectively in line with business goals.


Design and deliver bespoke development programmes for your:

Future generation of managers


Line Managers

Middle and Senior Managers


Develop your managers' coaching skills to enable them to develop and grow skills in house.

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Customer Service Skills 


We Can Help You and Your Business to:


Improve your customer loyalty through better customer service.


Retain existing customers and attract new customers.


Improve the customer service between your internal departments for the benefit of your external customers.


Set yourselves apart from your competitors by discovering what excellent customer service means for your business.


Deliver excellent customer service consistently across your business.


Shared Services Skills


We can help you and your business to:


If you are moving to a Shared Services model we can help ensure your employees have the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to deliver Shared Services successfully for your business.

Personal Development


We can help you and your business to:


Enable your employees fulfill their potential and do bigger and better things for your organisation.


Help your employees to understand and maximise their strengths for the benefit of the business.


Help your employees perform to the best of their ability.


Develop your employees interpersonal skills.

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